OmniLeader Application Format [READ ME]

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Jul 3, 2016
Minecraft IGN:
Discord username (ex: Shmeeb#4352):
Location and Timezone:
Age (age 12 minimum):
How much in-game play time do you have (type /playtime - minimum 48 hours required)?
How many Gyms do you currently host for the server?
Are you an active user of discord (yes/no)?
Have you ever been banned/jailed (yes/no) (if yes, why)?
What Pokemon will you be using for each team? Please make sure they are trained well.
Why should we accept you as an OmniLeader (100 words minimum)?
What does being a Gym Leader, including OmniLeader, mean to you (200 words minimum)?


With the recent return of the gyms to Pokeverse, so comes a wave of opportunity. The opportunity to breathe life into the community and to help foster a feeling of friendly competition as well as unity and growth.

The return of the gyms also signifies the return of the OmniLeader position. On the last reset, there was but a single OmniLeader; set in place upon their request. This was silently a trial to see if there was any long-term benefit to the creation of an OmniLeader position, and we are proud to say that the Trial is over. The position of OmniLeader has benefited the community, so that there is those very few who can successfully manage and defend ALL of the gyms, not just the usual minimum of 3 or 5, between Regulars and Pokemasters.

This position however, is not for everyone. It requires a great deal of effort, as well as dedication; almost a passion. Where a normal gym leader would run a single gym, up to three gyms, the OmniLeader is in the position to work anywhere from Five to Eighteen times as hard in the beginning.

With this new era on Pokeverse, as stated above, comes new opportunity. The opportunity for not just one OmniLeader to exist, but up to a maximum of seven at a single time. The opportunity for those few to showcase their dedication to the community, as well as their skill in teaching and assisting the community to grow, and become more skilled and knowledgeable with competitive battling.

The application system for OmniLeader will be a bit more demanding, however. It is not an easy workload for most people to handle. As OmniLeader you will be expected to uphold all of the principles of being a Gym Leader, with added dedication. Being a Gym Leader in itself is not about winning, or undefeated streaks. It’s about being a pillar for the community, and giving players a fair challenge, for them to feel a sense of accomplishment with their successes. Being an OmniLeader is about fulfilling this responsibility for all gyms, and can bring a sense of personal growth with it; a feeling of positive responsibility for those who believe they are up to the task. We wish all of our players the best of luck, and we hope that the future of the Gym Leader community prospers and burns brightly with this new addition.

DISCLAIMER: OmniLeader is a very difficult position to get. Not only will we judge your competence as a Gym Leader, but also your character, drive, and participation throughout the community. It is important for OmniLeaders to be very active as well. Keep in mind that if you become an OmniLeader, the other gym leaders do need to be able to accept battles as well. They should get battle priority if they want to.
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