Segar Tourneys


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Jul 21, 2020
Flamingack and I are the hosts of the Segar Tourneys. We will be hosting tourneys every other week with an 8 day period to get battles done. 1st place wins 100k, 2nd gets 50k, 3rd gets 25k, and 4th gets 10k. There is an entry fee of 10k which must be paid a day before the week's tourney starts to participate. At the moment of this thread being made we have 8 spots left and if you wish to join please reach out to me on discord. SeanB31-=[]Hauntly31[]=-#8185. Once you msg me that you wanna join I'll send you an invite and we can start playing soon. We have spectators so if you want to join and watch battles let me know and I'll make you a spectator. Gamefish is also helping us out with the tourney which I'm grateful for so you can ask him if you need help with team building. Let me know if you wanna join!