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Ginger Bread
Oct 2, 2018
United Kingdom
Here are a couple of helpful tips to read prior to making a post.
  • Please allow up 15 minutes before making a post. Purchases can take a couple of minutes after the initial purchase.
  • If you reach 20 minutes then consider contacting a Senior mod or Admin in-game first.
  • Senior mods will be able to help with items and pokemon.
  • Admins will be able to help with all of the store purchases.
  • We will need proof of purchase when you make a purchase, an email is sent to you with a review of what you have purchased. You can also find the transaction on PayPal (look for "Shmeeb Inc.").
  • If you want to post your proof in the post, please censor private information, such as your email, name and payment details.
  • Admins are able to check the webstore, so if you cannot find proof, it can be found by them. However please do not depend on Admins to do so, they are very busy.
  • After the post is made, we will attempt to get your issue resolved asap, please be patient, we do care about you but we can also be busy with life.
  • Please be advised by timezones, we will attempt to respond as soon as you have posted, but we will arrange a time when you are available.
Not open for further replies.