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Feb 24, 2019

Have you read and understood the terms?
IGN: TragicMads
Location and Timezone: UK (GMT)
Age: 18
How much in-game play time do you have? 2 days 11 hours 20 minutes
How long have you been playing minecraft? around 7 years
Have you built for any servers in the past? I have built for McEden, PhoenixMC and a pixelmon server i don'tremeber the name of.
Imgur of my builds:
Do you have a mic? No
Are you an active user of Discord? Yes

Explain your communication skills and your ability to work as part of a team on a project:
My communication skills are great and have been proven useful within my prior building experience to help create several builds for servers. I enjoy working in a team as it allows me to see how others go about their builds and how we can help each other be better. I have also been able to staff servers in which i would need to communicate with difficult players and help them conform to the rules without provoking or coming across as condescending. I am good when working on a team as proven by being part of multiple build teams and for a short time managing a large spawn project for McEden. During this management period i was able to create one coherent project and aid the rest of my team in making this idea a reality.

Please explain in extreme detail what build styles and structures you work best with:
My build style has tended to be detailed and large but also trying to not look to artificial. I have by far most enjoyed making medieval builds, such as castles and houses, however when under build teams i have also learned to make large scale organic trees and landscapes, before it shutdown we made a large cloud based spawn with a mini caricature of each respective gamemode, which pushed us to build in several different styles . When doing terraforming i will try to make it look natural (especially when using world edit) and smooth it out a bit more. Regards detailing my builds, i will attempt to choose complementing colours and the different block shapes (slabs, stairs, etc) to create more interesting shapes rather than minecraft`s base blockiness. When building i love to start with a blank or boring build and try to make it look more visually appealing or interesting, as demonstrated by how i build my towers. I start with a tower of just logs and just chip away and add different blocks until it looks far more impressive.

My favourite build would be my large castle (pictured in my gallery) as it helped me learn different techniques and blocks. It stemmed from my lack of experience in building on angles, hence the front entrance being diagonal. However i used it as an outlet to practice everything i hadn't tried, like using different blocks and building techniques. I also tried to improve on my previous castle build (also pictured in my gallery) by attempting to make the glass built flames to look more natural and impressive.

My most beautiful build is probably the start of the prison map for McEden as it was my second attempt at large detailed towers and rounded shapes. I feel like it was my best example of how i could use both complementary and contrasting blocks to make a build stand out. The red interior of the arch especially makes it stand out against the brown & grey of the rest of the blocks and the stairs & slabs create a more interesting shape.

My favourite blocks are the dark log blocks and their planks as they are high contrast and can frame extremely well. I also tend to include stone bricks and oak planks for main structure. When detailing large scale builds i will also use the bold clay blocks and the grey coloured blocks for more stand out effects.
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Feb 25, 2018
Hey, Good luck! your application seems stable and good your building skills, on the other hand, is awesome! hope you get accepted I wish you all my luck.