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May 10, 2015
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I posted this quite a while ago, but I still get the question. From gym challengers especially, how do your Pokémon do well. And everyone says ivs and Eva. But what are those? Now I know a lot of people use pokebuilder nowadays, but still. I hope you all enjoy this!

Hi Everyone!

I know there are some tutorials out there on how this works, but I wanted to post it on here for players who want to start.
I always here the question in chat or message, "How do I breed"
Well it is kind of easy and complicated at the same time.
This guide will take you through step by step on what you need to do in order to breed your pokemon!
Ok here I go!

Step 1:
What pokemon are you breeding?
This may not seem like the first step, but I feel like it is for me ;)
There are 2 circumstances for picking pokemon with different condition each:

Condition 1, Breeding a genderless or male pokemon:
This condition is a lot harder to deal with, because the only pokemon you may breed with is a ditto.
Therefore you must use a lot of power items and destiny knots (uses will be explained later), and you need luck ;).
Then you need to figure out type-ing, which will be explained in step 2.

Condition 2, Breeding a female pokemon:
So first thing is first, you need to get the pokemon with a FEMALE Gender, otherwise see condition 1
Next you need to know the egg group.
There are 15 egg groups, however the undiscovered egg group (which you can't use to breed, such as legendaries) and the ditto egg group (which is only dittos) are two of them.
Pokémon can have fall under one or two egg groups.
To find a list of what egg groups your pokemon that you are breeding is in look here.
Then you must find another pokemon in the same egg group as the pokemon you want to breed.
This pokemon must be MALE (having it be the same or similar types is useful, I'll explain why later)

Step 2:
Obtain your ranch block and begin collecting necessary blocks.

Get your Ranch Block

So first is obtaining your ranch block, this can be made using a piston, flower pot, and a pc (flower pot at the top, pc in the middle, and piston at the bottom). Or if you are a donator, the dshop (/warp dshop) carries them for $2000.
Ranch blocks make a 9x9 area, using the block as the center.
If you hover over the block, you can see the block area in white.

Next is type-ing, this is where you find what type your pokemon is and get the according blocks to breed.
So you can find the types of pokemon with different sites, I prefer Serbeii because it gives me all the info I need.
So once you have figured out what types your pokemon are go here.
Find the type(s) of the pokemon you are breeding on the chart, and there will be a list of blocks, find the block that has the highest number next to it, unless the number is 4, those blocks are VERY hard to get, such as dragon eggs.
Do this for both pokemon, female and male, or ditto.
Now once you have done that, you probably noticed a little table at the top with >140 and other numbers with "love" messages.
That is the amount of "points" you need to make a pokemon happy.
Each type that your pokemon must have 140 points to breed the fastest which is 37.5 minutes (on or offline).
So you might ask how do I get points, well you take the "number" that was assigned to the block, on the type tables. Then multiply it by the amount of blocks you place in your 9x9 area.
Remember you may only have 81 blocks, but use them wisely, you can always expand with ranch upgrades which I will introduce later.
Now do you see why having the same type pokemon is easier, because if I was breeding two fire pokemon, I just need one type of block, as apposed to fire and ground, which I need 2 types of blocks.
This can get messier when there are 2 dual type pokemon, you need blocks for, fire, flying, electric, and water.
Each of then 140 points for max happiness, but this can be solved with upgrades.

There are stages for the breeding cycle, there are different hearts which go in a cycle, each taking a certain period of time, till red which means the pokemon are done breeding.
The cycle goes: Gray-Purple-Blue-Yellow-Red

Another note that is important that some people like are the egg moves.
Each pokemon has a certain amount of egg moves, which they can learn from their parents.
So when they hatch they automatically have those egg moves.
Some moves such as Curse, can be only gotten pokemon such as Snorlax through breeding.
Luckily there has been an update with a lot of move tutor and egg moves becoming TM's so moves are now a bit more accessible, as apposed to breeding.

Step 4:
Individual Values or IV's

Probably the BEST reason why people breed.
Individual Values, or IV's which is what we call them make pokemon stronger.
Each stat, HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed each can value from 0-31.
With 31 making the pokemon the stronger in that stat, and 0 (not demeaning the stat) but not giving any extra boost.
With the 6 stats, the total number of IV's a pokemon can have is 186, yielding a 100% IV or "Perfect" pokemon. Which is VERY hard to get, this can take months or more of breeding.
IV's are passed down through their parents, which can yield better or worse IV's through the child.

Step 4:

These are SO IMPORTANT when it comes to breeding.
I am going to make a list of the items which are used in breeding, and then explain what they do.

Power Items:
There are 6 types of them

Each of these items is used to carry down the 1 IV on whichever pokemon is holding it.
Hence the 6 items for the 6 stats.
Each one corresponds to a stat here they are:
Power Weight (Green): HP
Power Bracer (Red): Attack
Power Belt (Brown): Defense
Power Lens (Pink and Blue): Special Attack
Power Band (Yellow): Special Defense
Power Anklet (Blue): Speed

Breeding Speeders:
There are 3 types of them

Golden Hourglass - Speeds up the time it takes to breed, which raises each pokemon by one heart, in the cycle, it can be used by right clicking the ranch block

Silver Hourglass - Speeds up the time it takes to breed, but only raises the heart level for ONE pokemon, it can be used by right clicking the pokemon wanting to use it on.

Ranch Upgrades - These expand your ranch area, so that you have more space to put blocks, which can raise the amount of points you get (Explained it the type-ing section)

Other Items:
There are 2 types of them

Destiny Knot: Usually when you breed, not all of your stats are guaranteed to come down, but with destiny knots you can get 3 from each parent, however they are random.

Everstone: This can transfer the nature of a pokemon down through breeding depending on what pokemon you put it on.

So I am done explaining I will not do an example for you all!

So for this tutorial I am going to breed Spheal
Her IV's are:
HP: 28
Attack: 31
Defense: 27
Special Attack: 31
Special Defense: 31
Speed: 29

So let's go step by step.
I have a female spheal, and we want to breed it with a male, since it has a gender.
I have also collected my ranch block.
So now I need to find Spheal's egg group which are Water 1 and Field.
So now I want to find the type of Spheal which is Water/Ice
So we need to get a pokemon in the egg group Water 1 or Field and hopefully Water or Ice type.
With our luck, Lapras is in the Field Egg group and is Water/Ice type!
So now we need blocks for Water and Ice.
Waterstone ore and Packed Ice will do fine.
Values of 2 and 3 respectively, so I need 70 blocks of Waterstone Ore, and 47 blocks of Packed Ice.
Which equals 117 blocks, so an 11x11 area would work.
That would require 4 ranch upgrades, each increase either the x or z value of the area.
Now for the items, a power lens would work fine on spheal or even a destiny knot, because it has 3 perfect IV's of 31, so there is a chance my child will have 3 31's or more.

I hope this tutorial helped!
If there is anything you don't understand or anything I missed don't hesitate to reply, I will edit this.
There are so many amazing breeders out there, and I want to give a shout out to the amazing gym leaders who spend countless hours, days, and months to get the amazing pokemon that the challengers can have a fun time trying to compete against!

Thank you so much!
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