Unban appeal

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May 25, 2018
This took place on Pokeverse Official#2
This is a unban appeal
Ign: TheSexyFox
Reason "Hiding unusable ts altar after being told not to use multiple times" by Nyaaimakitty.
5:30pm nzt 10/02/2019
I did use the altar and I did know I was not meant to. I was under the impression I could use it once and finish what I was doing because Sky_da_Orchard told me I could finish just the one when I was at the chalice. I assumed finish the whole thing but I was wrong. I am sorry for hiding it and it will NEVER happen again. It was said I was given multiple warnings of which I was not. If I was told to show them so they can remove it or there will be consequences, I would have done so immediately. I believe I should be unbanned as I think I was not given enough warning I was just banned, but I understand if not as of my wrong doings.
Sorry for this happening and thank you for taking the time to read this.


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Jul 25, 2018
Hello and thank you for taking your time to appeal this case.
Now let's get this situation sorted. Today I relocated the time space altars since they haven't been moved in a while, this was very needed since we updated many plates were easily found and due to that everyone knew the location of the altar. Now I moved them and I can understand your misunderstanding with sky however what we meant was you can finish making your azure flute and not spawn it in with an altar that is not to be used by everyone. However that is not the reason why you were banned. The reason why you were banned is because you told me I had to pay 100k to get to the altar you had used and then wouldn't let me get to it. Later on you told me you didn't trust me but I am staff and I don't have any intentions of getting anyone into trouble at all. I have ways of getting to the altar via tping to your homes and such. I needed to see the altar because I knew you used one that shouldn't be used. So due to that you were banned however I will be un-banning you in 2 days so on Monday your ban will be lifted. Also I saw you had an alt account so I banned that as well so you wouldn't sneak on the server, that account will remain banned. Please take the time to understand that us staff are here to help and not hinder players. I will be wanting that Arceus back from you however I will return the flute. The one you caught was not something that was supposed to happen.
Thank you and have a wonderful day Nyaa~~
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