Weekly Event - Building Contest!

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Jun 13, 2016
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Hey Everyone!

The weekly event of this week is a building contest! The theme of this building contest is gonna be: Summer.

Once again, there will be 6 kits so you can make your build as beautiful as possible. Pool Party, Beach, Lakeshore, Park, Garden, Camping.

The Building Contest will be held on Saturday the 9th of June. At 3 pm Central time!
You will have 45 minutes to build, after that we will do the judging.

Click on the link below to see in howmany hours the building contest is about to start.

The Prizes for the Building contest are..

1st place:
1 Master key, 1000 tokens, a special builders title and we will change one of your legendary's to a shiny one!

2nd place:
1 Ultra key, 750 tokens, a special title and we will change one of your (normal) pokemon to a shiny one!

3rd place:
1 Ultra key 400 tokens, a special title and a shiny key!

If you got any questions regarding the event, msg @irauhl or @Laranlior on our Discord server!

We'll see you on the server and at event!

- PV Staff <3
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