Weekly Events - Partner Spleef V2

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Jul 3, 2016
Hey guys, thanks again for participating in that events poll the other week! Due to the popularity of Partner Spleef, we will be hosting it this weekend!

This event will take place on Sunday, August 26th, at 11 am PST (1 pm Central)

For Partner Spleef, you will be partnered up with a random player (choosing a teammate can lead to unfair advantages). It is encouraged that you communicate to come up with strategies to increase your chance at winning! If either you or your partner win a round, you both get a point. We will play for an hour before counting total points to determine the top 3 teams.

Remember, NO ISOLATING (yourself or other players) and be respectful towards your fellow players. A heads up, 2-layer snow rounds will be worth DOUBLE points! If you and your partner win multiple rounds in a ROW (a win streak), you will earn BONUS points as well!

Prizes will be determined based upon how many points you win. They can include tokens, in game currency, keys, and if you get enough, the chance at some shiny Pokemon! If you get enough bonus points, you may even win a special extra prize! Bonus points will be kept separate from normal points, so do your best to get some win streaks.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me on Discord!

Not open for further replies.