Weekly Events - The Return of Elytra!

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Jul 3, 2016
Hey guys! This week I will be hosting some fun Elytra races!
This event will be hosted on Saturday, June 23rd, at 1 pm PST (3 pm Central).

During the hour-long event, there will be multiple different challenges. The first race challenge will be just a typical race. Everyone will try their hardest to race through the track and get placed! Everyone who completes this portion will get a prize, which depend upon the place.

Two more race modes include seeing who can get through the race course the most amount of times in 15 minutes, and another may be who can get the lowest completion time within a 15 minute period.

Prizes will all be determined based upon the different times, modes, and places. Prizes can include shiny keys and other keys, tokens, cash, and much more! If you impress the judges, maybe we will even give you a special title!

Take this time to practice the course at /warp elytra if you wish! Message me, Hugamouse, on discord if you have any questions.



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Jul 11, 2015
Sounds fun. I’ve never done elytra races before so I’m probably gunna do big trash. Good luck to everyone else!
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