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    The two rank upgrades combined are worth $35, and thus 3.5m What I Offer (I'm sitting on 6.8m of cash so a straight cash deal is...
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    BoostedGear replied to the thread Sans's Fairy App.
    Pending, We Would Like to see more from you.
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    Minecraft IGN: xXSansXx_ Discord username (ex: Shmeeb#4352): SunsationalSun#6811 Location and timezone: Wisconsin, USA (UTC/GMT-05:00)...
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    Given how old this thread is I'm guessing any advice is a little outdated, but here are a few suggestions: Ribombee: A nice Fairy/Bug...
  • grant1878
    grant1878 replied to the thread bad stuff i gess just help.
    Hello! If beezlebubz was the player that got punished, then he can appeal for himself. Although its kind of you to vouch for him, it...
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    thanks boo
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    Good Luck prawnboi! <3
  • Helios
    Parkour tower has concluded the results are below First place Micklezpickle Time: 3 mins and 53 seconds Second place grodziecki time:4...
  • lil_rummytumtum
    This appeal is being moved due to the jail being over Also, next time, please the correct format for appeals...
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    Hi 888Ryan888 and thanks for writing us! Remember : x-ray is a mod that gives you advantages over other players and this is not...
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    What server did this take place on (eg. the server, discord, etc.): the server Type of appeal (eg. ban, jail, mute, etc.): ban Minecraft...
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    Man I’m not bedt in team makinio but it’s a bit not enough for me
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    Hello, Squaps, quick note: To check who banned you, it should say at the end of the ban. At the end of your ban, it said "~Chief"...
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    :) ill find a way.